Everyday English

1 Month

24 Hours 

3,850 Baht

3 Months

72 Hours

11,500 Baht

6 Months (ED Visa)

144 Hours

22,500 Baht

1 Year (ED Visa)

288 Hours

42,500 Baht

6 Months Unlimited 

25,000 Baht

1 Year Unlimited

45,000 Baht

These courses are divided into six levels, with two sections per level. 

Everyday English classes cover conversation, grammar, vocabulary, reading, writing, and listening. Each section takes approximately one month to complete. Students may choose whatever time is convenient.

1. Beginner

2. Elementary

3. Pre-Intermediate

4. Intermediate

5. Upper-Intermediate

6. Advanced

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Academic English

40 Hours 

6,500 Baht

We have a variety of English courses to help develop your professional language skills and prepare for exams. Satisfactory results guaranteed.




  • GED

  • SAT


  • English for Business

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Private Class

30 Hours 

18,000 Baht

Learn according to your personal needs. We will design a course that is specifically suited to your English goals. You can learn one-on-one or bring friends to study with you. Study with friends and add only 100 baht more per hour, per person.


Possible areas of focus:

  • Speaking

  • Listening

  • Reading

  • Writing

  • Test prep

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